Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mi lista ( My list ) !!!!!

I just wanted to make a list of the places I have visited on my trekking and climbing expeditions.What else can be a better place for this list than my blog????

Bheemeshwari -- white water rafting, trek
Savanadurga -- rock climbing ( this onez my fav)
Kodachadri -- audacious trek
Yedakumeri -- railway track trek
Mukurthi -- great trek
Yana -- small trek
Madhugiri -- rock climbing
Shivanasamudra -- uncle trip :-) ( but surely a treat to the eyes)
Jog -- uncle trip :-) and a very small trek
Chitradurgada kallina kote -- uncle trip again
Shivagange -- small climb, the last part of the climb is truely wonderful
Antaragange -- small climb, beware lots of monkeys on the top
Nandi betta -- small climb
Basti betta -- very small climb
Kumara parvatha -- great trek

Siddarabetta -- small climb, a nice calm place excellent for contemplation
Chunchi -- nice water fall, good place to chill out in summers
Sangama, Mekedatu -- Of the two Sangama is the best, shallow water , nice place to play in water with friends

I guess this will be one post which would have to be edited time and again :-)


shande said...

nice comprehensive list ... it would be better if provide hyperlink to the respective posts.

viditha said...

Thanks for the suggestion :-)

Smitha said...

Hi Vidi.. since i didnt have any work i went thro all of ur blogs and they are mind blowing!! u write very well !! keep it up!!

seriously i really missed the fun u had in kp trek.. i really want to c that place !!