Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tell Me Myself

It was a Saturday morning, I was checking mails and found a mail from my friend Sandeep. It read “How about meeting today for hw, guess I wont be able to make it from next weekend, reasons will tell you when we meet” .
Before I write more, let me introduce you to Sandeep. He is a new friend of mine. For the first time I met him on the KP trek, later lotz of times on gtalk :-). Of the very little I know him, he is a very nice friend, a great trek enthusiastic, humble and also very helpful. By profession he is a software engineer, but is also a trained handwriting analysist and is now on the way to be an expert of the same!!!

As soon as I read the mail, I called Sandeep and we decided to meet for lunch. Then I called my friend Shubha, and she too was interested to join.

Around 1:00pm we met at Jayanagar, quickly found a nice place for lunch and settled down. I handed over a small piece of paper with some lines I had written on it. Shubha too did the same and Sandeep got to work with them. Meanwhile we ordered food and me and Shubha sat there eagerly waiting for both food and Sandeep’s analysis :-)

First it was mine that he analysed, after spending about 30mins on that handwritten lines of mine he finally looked up and said “So are you ready” …I nodded eagerly. “Before I start off, let me give you some background of HA( Handwriting Analysis) . HA is a science evolved out of observation, hence its accuracy does not have scientific proof, so I expect you to take whatever I say now…in the right sense”, having said that he started off listing his finding about me…

”You are emotionally a very expressive person, but when it comes to decisions you use only your brain ”
“You don’t break rules, ever”
“You a very social person, u make friends very easily”
“You have a very easy flow of thoughts, you can speak on any subject for hours , usually such people make good RJ’s” ( wow… I loved this one…me as RJ…wow…..considering it as a career option now!!!!)
“You are a fast learner, initially you start off slow, but soon you pick up pace ...”
“When it comes to personal matters, you are very secretive“
“You have a strong bonding with your parents, but off late you are trying to break the bond for some reason”
“You respect yourself and compromise on self respect is a big NO NO for you”
“Physically you are a very active person”
“You forgive people, hence possess no resentment”

Wow thatz a lot of good things about me…now the not so good stuff

“No physical activity, frustrates you”
“Will power is a little low in you”

Having said all that he asked me for a feedback on his analysis, I gave him my 2 cents , by then our food arrived, me and Shubha had a great meal while he was busy analyzing Shubha’s hw. Poor Sandeep he did get even a small bite of the yummy desert :-).

Then came the interesting part, Sandeep had got along with him, all the samples of handwritings he had analyzed till date, and he showed them to us and gave us some small lessons of HA. It was really interesting to see so many kinds of people and their characteristics so prominent in their writings.

Thus came to an end our 4 hour lunch and HA session. It was one of the most interesting luncheons I ever had !!!!

Thanks Sandeep !!!!!!