Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Madhugiri Again

This onez Srikar sir's version of the Madhugiri trip. The way he describes is really very hilarious. Read on ppl ....and crack yourself up. For this writeup, I indicates "Srikar sir"

I thought I will share my version of the story too :-). Though its ages since we went by, here is my story...

Madhugiri, I finally have got the name right, I was always referring it to as Chandragiri for some strange reason.... I got to know of the trip from Vidya on Saturday. Our friend Yathish made sure I was there for the trek with the reminder calls. Thanks yaar.

Day started with lots of cursing on the alarm clock for going off so early :-). I hardly slept for 3 hours as I had a rather very late Saturday night.Sleep walked and got ready in next 15 mins. Picked a small backpack, some water and topies (caps). Knew it was going to a very hot day. Our friend Yathish gave a call to make sure I don’t miss the bus [or qualis] sleeping off at home:-).

Drove to office, Yathish was the first to be there. slowly the rest of the gang assembled. Our margadarshaks [Viditha, Smitha and Basak] came in the gaadi. Vidya came in with a big tank. Vijayendra came in with his Chimley kit [Cigarettes]. We all started the trip with a jai ganesh and a snap at office. The Gang [Amitava, Smitha, Srikar, Vidya, Viditha, Vijayendra and Yathish] started the journey.

First break was a spot, where our ancestral instincts [read as monkey instincts] got a recall and we all climbed trees :-) to kick start the adventure. Vijayendra was elected the King Monkey for going to the highest point. We all had a lovely breakfast, thanks Viditha...

We reached the Madhugiri hills after a good drive. The hill looked small [coz I saw only part of the hill]. We were discussing how high the hill could be. The max anyone guessed was 1200 ft. but later I learnt it was 3930 feet phew. Proof people

Some of the people started their beauty care activities [layers and layers of some paste]. Some people had their dose of cigarettes. We started the trek, went through some interesting incidents on the trek. We thought that we reached the top on three occasions mid-way and fun part was, did not realize that we were at the top when we reached.

The fort is a small and interesting one, though its not well maintained still we had fun exploring the structures there. One sad thing I noticed is, people destroy our ancient structures by writing their names, love messages and stupid graffiti. People should respect these monuments and try to retain its actual state instead of spoiling this way. Sad that most people think otherwise.

While climbing up, we found it difficult. But coming down was easy and we guys managed to go down very fast.

The surprise element of the trip was the ease with which our Mountain Goat [Vijayendra] climbed the rocks, he even carried people along. bhai aap thoo chagayee... He was there to support anyone who was crawling LOL. Vidya did some good adventures enroute and showed she's a pro at trekking and climbing... She also got some interesting names enroute. The final one that got maximum ratings is Al Qaeda and Jayalalitha.

Viditha at most times was busy applying some creams, lots of stuff from US of A were also demonstrated :-) [goggles, watches, camera]. Need to mention here about the trails of the USA watch. Viditha lost her watch from US of A and luckily for us, got it back too :-). Her shoes from India had quite an adventure too. They decided they wanted to create their own route and tumbled down the hill.

Vijayendra was put on the mission to retrieve the shoes back. Rest of us were infact holding tightly to the bricks and poles around to make sure we dont join Viditha’s shoes and create more retrieval missions for Vijayendra :-)Yathish, was the silent warrior on the mission to complete the climb. He made sure that everyone was there for the trek and completed it too. True Manager in the making :-)

Amitava, was there on the mission to pollute the serene atmosphere there with his beedi breaks and he was supported well by another beediwala Vijayendra. Between them, they made sure they added some more nicotine clouds at Madhugiri. Hey Basak, btw the new cap was great...

Smitha, she was nicknamed mountain lamb. She surely owes Vijayendra a treat for the many rescue missions he carried out for her LOL.

I, realized that I need to get back to at least little bit of workout, was huffing and puffing all the way...

On the way back, Our driver Srinivas showed us how not to drive. He can get a wild card entry to car racing events. I was next to him and was ready to jump out of the window at any moment :-)

Thanks once again guys for the invite. We should do this more often. Let’s plan for another adventure...

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Hey great to see that u are so much into trekking :) keep trekking and keep posting!!!