Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kallina Kote

Me back again with another of my trip stories…this onez short….like the trip itself. I actually wrote this in September 2006…

This time it was Chitradurga….it all started on Friday evening….all of a sudden we started planning and for once things materialized…Till Saturday night we were just 5 ...ready for the trip…and then Bhavik’s friends joined …and we were 8 now…big group ahha….:-)

Sunday morning….my alarm went off…..and very reluctantly I dragged myself off my warm bed……and within an hour I found myself sitting in the vehicle with 7 other guys …and feeling really weird for being the only girl in the gang…L . Rest of travel I spent convincing myself...that its fine to be the only girl...the trip would still be enjoyable… and believe me it really was!!!!

Our first stop was the Vani Vilasa Sagara dam!!! This was a dam build during the reign of the queen named Vani Vilasa (1652 to 1682 AD…I guess I remember these dates right) hence the name Vani Vilasa sagara dam. This is also called Mari kanive dam. It’s built across the river Vedavathi. The dam does not have any guards and we took advantage of this and spent an hour wetting our feet in Vedavathi …

From there we started off towards the kote…meanwhile I was getting comfortable with the gang …….. On the way to the fort we saw lot of windmills…and the rest of the journey we discussed nothing but them ... The techies of the group started off with torque, rpm and other technical jargons…..while I was too busy just admiring the windmills…truly I was really amazed to see so many of them…and they were really huge too

Next stop was the kote……we had a quick look at the map and were off to the kindi…” Obavvana kindi”…meanwhile I took the pleasure to narrate the story of Obavva and Madakari Nayaka to a couple of guys of our gang…. On the way to kindi, Bhavik met his ancestral friend (a monkey). But I guess Bhavik was more scared than happy to see him... he quickly waved good bye to the friend with a packet of groundnuts. Thatz bad Bhavik…thatz no way to treat ur good old friends!!!!!!!

Meanwhile our gang was reduced to 7……”hey…where is the other guy??”?…someone shouted….!!! …”He is on phone with his girlfriend “some else answered… Now the gang started narrating this interesting story of last night. The gang had been to garbha last night and this guy had met a girl there…. (luckily …as per Brijesh) and within an hour and a half…the other side got serious...…and now our friend…was busy considering the option Starting from this moment till we went off coverage…this friend of ours was doing nothing but considering the option . I would say he was doing stress test on Razr

We reached the kindi….and now again I recited the story of the kindi…and we also enacted it.. I played the Obavva and the others played the soldiers of Hyder Ali.. But there was small change here…Obavva herself comes in thru the kindi and then kills the soldiers following her…not with the onake(pounding stick)..but with her leather bag

From here we moved on to reach the top of the fort…caught on to a wrong path, and reached a dead end…I was too determined to reach the top…so tried a little amateur rock climbing here…and also convinced others to do so ….but we reached no where so had to return without reaching the top. I was dead disappointed. Subbu proposed the other route to reach the top…but by now Mr. Sun had started his work on me…I had a terrible headache …..so we dropped the plan….and decided to return…

With me being a little ill…another interesting story surfaced. We can call it “The making of the doctor”. The gang narrated stories of the doctor with us…who was “actually” a s/w engineer and was nick named as doctor and he seemed to luv to be called so. Well guys this onez a hifi doctor, his prescription for my headache was “pray to God Almighty to cure u”!!! Thank you doctor

We were done with our trip to the fort…grabbed a quick lunch and started back to Bangalore. First half of this journey was dead and quite…everyone was sleeping. Our doctor seemed to beat everyone in this, he slept every minute of our journey . “Doctor, is this some mantra to good heath????”

After the first half …we all started off with a blast. It all started off with me describing my manager. From then on talked and talked and talked till we actually got off the vehicle….we talked abt managers, projects, movies, novels…literally everything on earth. It was great fun.. We had loud music playing in the cab…but none listening to it......and we were shouting off our lungs to make ourselves be heard …to each other . In the process I hope I haven’t damaged my neighbor’s eardrums…sorry Yusuf!!! All thru the trip there was one thing I really missed, my friend Arun’s hilarious stories…this time he did not seem to be in mood…….

Thus ended the trip…it was short and nice one…I am not sure of others…but truly I had a nice time.

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