Sunday, December 17, 2006

Me and my brother

I have a little brother, he is the best brother I could ask for. We are always making fun of each other or someone else….on the whole all the time we spend together we crack ourselves up. A few such moments here….

Yesterday, I stepped into the house and saw my brother watching television…
Me: Chittus, u r on study holidays remember!!!
Chittu: I just watched a nice english movie, u missed it!!
Me: o really which one was it?
Chittu: It’s a movie named “Cold Blooded”, let me tell you the story…..
Me: o ok …. (I sat down eager to listen)
Chittu: Hero is a serial killer
Hero meets heroine and they fall in love
Later heroine gets to know abt the hero
Heroine tells the hero that she is leaving him
Hero says, in that case “I will kill myself “, tries but then
Hero says he can’t kill himself, so he will kill the heroine
Heroine says “o u love me so much, letz get together again”
Me and my brother burst out laughing at this. We wondered what was on the script writer’s mind to write this one!!!!!

The other day, my brother comes to my room and says….
Chittu: I made a song for u
Me: ok….!!!! Bring it on
Chittu: phool sa chehara tera…
Kaliyo si muskan….blah blah blah
(now the imp part)
Height tera dekhake,
Weight tera dekhake
Hathi bhi hairan hi!!!!
Both of us burst into laughter!!!!! For the next few days whenever he saw me, he used to hum this song

The other day my brother was watching cricket, while I was lazing on the couch…
Chittu: Vikka if you were a cricketer what would u be, batsman or bowler?
Me: all rounder!!
Chittu: (little surprised by the answer)........

yeah yeah round round all round DUMMI!!!
My father who was around, burst out laughing at this, my mom too joined. There were rings of laughter in the house for the next few minutes….

Lotz more to go, but me tired of writing now….


prithvi said...

viditha avare....pls define "dummi"

Manoj said...

I too had the same comment as the first one viditha :)

Pavan said...

IF you are dummi... explain Malashri to me....